New Tbilisi - Rustavi - Azerbaijan Road

The new Tbilisi-Rustavi road is to be extended to the border of neighboring Azerbaijan, its modernization being important from a transit point of view. The construction of the Tbilisi-Rustavi road will cost more than $46.2 mln, said the Fund of Municipal Development of Georgia.

The project is implemented with the financing of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and at the moment, the construction of the second section of the road is taking place. After the completion of the project, transit will be smoother and safer than ever before.

The specified site represents an industrial zone and the construction area is a minimum distance of about 120 meters from the nearest houses. The total length of the three complete sections of the new highway is 17.4 kilometers. The construction of the first and third sections began in April 2014 and were completed in May 2016.

By Shawn Wayne


23 August 2018 12:38