Building Bridges

In order to develop the concept of metal pedestrian bridges and change their visual appeal, an order was given by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze to his deputy Irakli Bendeliani.

According to Kaladze, for the population it is not comfortable to use the pedestrian bridges that exist today in the capital. The visual side also presents a problem.

"I think that with this issue, we need to connect all our architects, all who have a desire to develop such projects that will be acceptable visually, and will be convenient for pedestrians. Therefore, I instructed for the development of a concept of what these bridges should be, "Kaladze said.

In addition, according to the mayor, the appearance of the city is disfigured due to billboards mounted incorrectly, especially along such bridges.

"I want to entrust Irakli Bendeliani with contacting the businesses and regulating it all. Of course, we should not harm business interests, but business should not work at the expense of the appearance of the city," Kaladze stressed.

In total, there are 34 pedestrian metal bridges, of which in April, the city's infrastructure development services carried out reinforcing and repair work. The cost of works amounted to more than 92.3 thousand dollars.


By Shawn Wayne

23 August 2018 12:33