De Facto Abkhazian Vice-President To Resign

The de facto Vice-President of breakaway Abkhazia, Vitaly Gabnia, announced his resignation at a press conference, Apsnypress reported.

He claims he was hit by a participant during a meeting on Saturday, August 18. He was talking without any problem with a group of people, but when the topic grew heavy, a man broke a glass on his head. As a result, Gabnia punched the man twice. He said the incident was the reason he had decided to resign.

"There is nothing in this act of a man! The Abkhaz do not even shoot at the enemy when he is without weapons. But I do not exclude that this action was a provocation, knocking me out of action on the eve of the election, with a view to a coup announced on October 7-9," the "Vice-President" said. 

He adds that his decision is not related to any political issue, by says that "In power, or not, [he] remain[s] on the same side as friends and comrades." 

By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: Apsnypress

23 August 2018 11:49