Estonia, Latvia Demand Russian Compensation for Soviet Occupation Damages

Latvia and Estonia are demanding compensation from Russia for damage caused during the Soviet occupation.

The joint statement of the two ministers of the countries reads that the politicians will consider a possible action plan, including at the UN level.

“The Ministers of Justice of Estonia and Latvia emphasize the importance of remembering the losses resulting from the Soviet occupation, and are investigating the possibilities of a claim for damages from the Soviet Union under the Russian Federation,” the statement reads.

The Estonian and Latvian authorities call the Soviet occupation the period from 1940-1990 when Latvia and Estonia were part of the Soviet Union.

In December 2015, the ministries of Justice of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia signed a declaration to unite their efforts to demand Russia pay damages caused by occupation. But at the time, Estonia claimed that Tallinn was not going to demand compensation from Moscow while Latvia says the damage was worth €185 billion.

Moscow officially denies such complaints. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that such demands deny the historical, political and legal reality.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: Netgazeti

23 August 2018 09:32