Georgia-Japan Negotiations underway to Promote Investments

The 4th round of negotiations on the text of the Agreement on Protection and Promotion of Bilateral Investments between Georgia and Japan has started in Tbilisi.

The primary consultations between Georgia and Japan started in May 2017, during which the parties introduced each other to the practices of promotion and protection of investments, as well as those approaches and principles that are relevant to both countries.

So far, three rounds of official negotiations have been conducted.

The implementation of the agreement will facilitate attraction of investments between Georgia and Japan and will strengthen trade-economic ties, which will encourage investments of Japanese investors in Georgia.

Japan is one of the active partner countries of Georgia in terms of investment cooperation.

The first Japanese investment in Georgia was carried out in 1997, and in 2007-2017 the Japanese investments totaled $152.16 million.

Only in the first quarter of this year, Japan carried out investments worth $16.21 million in Georgia, which is 96% higher than the same period of the previous year.

By Thea Morrison

23 August 2018 09:03