Teen Injured by Damaged Road

A teenager fell into a seven-meter hole in the ground while skateboarding in a Tbilisi park, located in the Vazha-Pshavela district in Saburtalo.

The incident occurred on 20 August. The 12-year-old boy was riding his skateboard in a park when he fell into the pit. According to eyewitnesses, the boy managed to get out of the pit with the help of rescuers. The teenager injured his legs and was taken to the Iashvili Central Tbilisi Children's Hospital. Information on his injuries was not disclosed, but according to doctors, surgical intervention was not required and the patient's condition is stable.

Local residents said that the pit was formed due to shifts in the ground after flooding from heavy rains on Sunday night. At present, the dangerous plot in the park is surrounded by yellow caution tape and is awaiting repair.

By Shawn Wayne

21 August 2018 13:52