Foreign Visitors Spend GEL 1.153bln Using Credit Cards in Georgia

According to, in January-July 2018, GEL 1.153bln was spent in Georgia using foreign credit cards.

In July 2018, visitors spent GEL 232.5mil, indicating to an increase of GEL 29.6mln when compared to the amount spent in July 2017 (equaling GEL 203.8mln).

According to statistics of the National Bank of Georgia, GEL 114.2mln was withdrawn from international banks using ATMs, while GEL 118.2mln was withdrawn using POS terminals.

In January-July 2018, GEL 13.1bln was operated using both local and foreign bank cards, while the number of transactions amounted to GEL 22.4 thousand. In July 2018, the amount of money spent amounted GEL 2.1bln, an increase of GEL 277.1mln compared to the same period last year. In July 2017, banking operations using cards were GEL 1.8bln.

By Anna Zhvania


20 August 2018 13:18