Solving Rubix Cubes Underwater

An 18-year-old student from Georgia solved six Rubik’s Cubes underwater in one breath on 17 August, in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record.

Submerged for just over one minute and 44 seconds, Vako Marchelashvili solved the cubes in front of a crowd at the Gino Paradise aqua park Tbilisi.

"I trained a lot planning to break a record – and to ensure my safety, because even a small mistake could be dangerous and life-altering, I think my result will stay as a record for a long time. I hope to break many other records," Marchelashvili said afterwards

After observing Marchelashvili’s attempt, the Georgian Records Federation issued a diploma confirming his result. They will send their evidence to the Guinness World Records headquarters for verification.

Marchelashvili said he was preparing for the underwater challenge for six months, training several hours a day.

By Shawn Wayne

Photo: Vako Marchelashvili Facebook

20 August 2018 12:33