Georgian PM: We Will Have a Four-Season Resort in Bakhmaro

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze has stated that Bakhmaro resort, located in Georgia’s western region of Guria, will become a four-season resort.

"Our Government aims to turn Bakhmaro into an international destination and one of the key landmarks of our country, the pride and joy of Georgia and a very important source of income for the local population," Bakhtadze stated while visiting the traditional horse race in Bakhmaro.

The PM noted that Bakhmaro faces two challenges - power and water supply, which will be addressed in the near future.

In his speech, Bakhtadze said the Master Plan for Development of Bakhmaro envisages turning the region into a four-season destination, attracting visitors year-round.

“At the same time, we will hire Austrian experts who will examine the Development Plan to make sure that we design the site by taking into consideration the best European practices, turning it into a rare jewel of Georgia," he added.

The PM also commented on the traditional horse race, saying Guria horse riders are fascinating and help to maintain the traditional culture.

horse race in Bakhmaro

Bakhmaro, Georgia

By Thea Morrison

Photos: PM's Press Office



20 August 2018 12:00