Road Accident in Stavropol Leaves One Georgian Dead, Three Injured

One Georgian citizen died and three were injured in a road accident in Stavropol region in Russia on August 19.

One Russian citizen also died and in total 26 were injured after the bus, moving from Tbilisi to Krasnodar, crashed into a truck.

There were 40 passengers and 2 drivers in the bus. At least 26 people were injured.  17 of them, including 5 teenagers, were taken to hospital.

Georgia’s ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA) says that the health condition of all three injured is stable, adding the Georgian consulate had been in contact with them.

"One of the two dead was a citizen of Georgia, and another was a Russian national with dual citizenship. The injured are in two hospitals,” the MIA stated.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: 1 TV


20 August 2018 11:44