Plans for Eliava Market

The Mayor's Office has not yet made a decision whether the largest building materials market in Tbilisi will remain, though Deputy Mayor Maia Bitadze stresses that the unregulated sale of building materials in the center of Tbilisi is dangerous for the health.

“A framework plan has been developed in connection with Eliava market and the adjacent territory, which will clearly define the potential for the future development of this territory both in the recreational and in the social and business areas," Bitadze said, noting this plan should become a prerequisite for the proper development of the territory of the market and surroundings.

"It is unequivocal that the sale of construction materials or other threatening materials and products in this area should be arranged in such a way that there is no threat to the population residing on the adjacent territory. The threat of dust in said territory should be minimized," Bitadze noted, adding that "Every trader there must comply with rules related to safety, with minimization of dusting. In connection with the functional development of the territory, there are town-planning documents stipulated by law and such issues are as yet unresolved on the basis of a bilateral agreement, but are resolved in the context of compliance with the current legislation and security."

According to the draft General Land Use Plan for Tbilisi, Eliava market may be turned into a park, though specialists of the laboratory for food, soil and mineral testing of the company "Multi Test" stated that the study of the territory of the market showed that the soil is not suitable for gardening.

The authors of the project called the threat to the health of the residents of the capital the reason for the transfer of the market.

Eliava market was founded in 1995 on an area of 13.2 hectares. It provides employment for around 15 thousand, both local and foreign traders.

By Shawn Wayne

17 August 2018 13:11