Kaladze’s Weekly Priorities: 179 Unfinished Buildings in Tbilisi

Each week, the municipal government of Tbilisi holds a meeting at City Hall. Preceding this week’s meetings, Mayor Kakha Kaladze made several important remarks.

It was noted that, in addition to continued availability online and at district governments, taxi drivers will be able to go to the Justice House for assistance with the registration process from August 21.

“I want to thank [Justice Minister] Tea Tsulukiani for her support and cooperation,” said the Mayor. “So far, just 244 drivers have registered for taxi licenses. From October 1, those who do not have a license will not be able to provide [taxi] services. Therefore, it is time to start registration," Kaladze urged.

Kaladze also drew attention to Shartava Street, which is undergoing complete rehabilitation, implemented by City Hall’s Municipal Infrastructure Development Service, to bring it in line with modern standards.

Several "large-scale projects are being implemented in different districts of the capital. We started the complete rehabilitation of Shartava Street.

In the framework of the project, the road surface will be updated with an asphalt-concrete double layer, a new drainage system will be installed, sidewalks on both sides of the road will also be constructed or repaired as needed, and underground communication lines will be replaced. Additionally, underground passages will be adapted for people with disabilities, as in developed countries,” explained Kaladze.

The completed street will connect to Kostava Street and Pekini Avenue, creating a full circle of high quality infrastructure. “Lampposts will be replaced, new LEDs will be installed, and cables will be put underground. Georgian Water and Power is spending 800,000 GEL ($310,000) on repairing the underground communications networks,” said the Mayor.

Kaladze also discussed the proposed hotel on Tsereteli Avenue in the Didube district. The project was initially approved by City Hall, but recently canceled after public protests. The Mayor shared photos showing the proposed site for the construction of the hotel.

"A four-story hotel was to be constructed in the middle of the 12-13-15 blocks in the Didube district, on Tsereteli Avenue, on a closed and restricted territory. It's a pity that this permission was issued by us – it should not have been issued. We were new arrivals [at City Hall] ...We accept this criticism and the permission has been revoked. We were negotiating with a private owner and have agreed on a replacement project. I want to thank him for his cooperation because it would have been impossible to implement the project in this particular location,” explained Kaladze.

The head of Didube district, Irma Zavradashvili, has been ordered to build a public square on the location instead. Kaladze said, “people living there will have a green space, a very nice square. If our help is needed, we are ready to take part in the process,” Kaladze said.

The Tbilisi City Hall Supervision Service was called to the area near Eliava market. "The Supervision Service was obliged to regulate the situation on Khobiashvili, Agladze and Giorgadze streets near Eliava market in the Didube district. We all know what the situation was like there - building materials and tires displayed on the sidewalk making it impossible to walk and also a serious problem in terms of traffic disruption. Instead of sidewalks, people were walking on the road, disrupting motor vehicles and causing accidents...Today, the sidewalks are clear,” he said.

The Mayor ordered the Vice-Mayor Irakli Khmaladze to take similar measures in other districts of Tbilisi where such problems exist.

Kaladze then presented the candidacy of Aleksandre Togonidze as head of the Urban Development Department of Tbilisi City Hall at yesterday’s session. He thanked the former head of the service, Rusudan Mirzikashvili, for her work. "It can be said that this division was created by Rusudan Mirzikashvili. Today this service is working properly, due to her efforts,” Kaladze said.

Going forward, Mirzikashvili will lead the process to elaborate Framework Plans for specific areas around the city. She will also work on further developing the concept of cultural heritage protection and development. There are 11 areas selected in the city where Framework Plans will be developed.

At the end his remarks, Kaladze called on construction companies to submit proposals regarding the unfinished buildings in Tbilisi, claiming that there are 179 unfinished buildings in the capital.

"We talked about the unfortunately unfinished constructions, of which there are approximately 179. I spoke to the Prime Minister about the situation. Consequently, the central government will work to resolve the problem. Irakli Khmaladze and Ilia Eloshvili will work on this topic. Also, I appeal to developers, construction companies and architects to come and see us and bring your suggestions. We will help you solve these problems as quickly as possible until we have no more unfinished buildings in the city,” said the Mayor.

He further elaborated on the issue, saying, "It is very bad when we see such buildings, especially on the central streets of the city, in various districts – one of the best examples appears next to City Hall. Nobody likes how it looks and there are lots of people who have already paid and have been waiting for their apartment for years. I think it will be a great source of comfort for them too. Therefore, my request is to provide support to development companies for these buildings to be completed as soon as possible. I believe we can manage it.”

By Samantha Guthrie

16 August 2018 17:42