Georgian MFA: No Georgian Citizens Affected in Genoa Bridge Collapse

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that, so far, no Georgian citizens have been reported among those killed or injured in the Genoa bridge collapse in Italy, which claimed the lives of at least 35 people.

The ministry emphasized that rescue efforts are still underway at the site and the identification of victims has not been completed.

The MFA also published a hotline number for Georgian citizens to contact the embassy in Rome if they are in need of assistance.

The incident occured on August 14, when a 50-meter (160-foot) high section of the Morandi Bridge, including a tower that anchored several support beams, crashed down with as many as 35 vehicles driving on it.

The BBC reports at least 16 people were injured in the collapse and the number missing ranges from 4 to 12. More than 400 people in the buildings beneath and around the bridge have been evacuated amid fears other parts of the bridge might fall.

The cause of the disaster, which occurred during torrential rain, was not immediately clear but questions had previously been raised about the safety of the aging structure, built in the late 1960s. Many fear the bridge collapse is a first warning for Italy's infrastructure, much of which is reaching the end of its service life. 

“The latest official number [of deaths] is 35 but we can’t rule out it could rise further,” a spokeswoman for the police in Genoa said.

By Thea Morrison

Photo: AFP

15 August 2018 11:12