Prices of Family Type Hotels Surge to 3.2% in July

Imedinews publishes information of PMCG research on family type hotels and relevant price flactuations. 

In July, prices at family type hotels increased by 3.2% as compared to June. The prices are highest in Adjara and Racha, amounting to 4.7% and 4.6% increase respectively. In Guria, prices decreased by 0.7% from June to July.

Average price of family type hotels amounted to GEL 72 (approximately $28) in July. The highest price of family type hotel equaled GEL 148 ($57) in Kvemo Kartli and GEL 92 ($35) in Adjara. In Adjara, the average price of family type hotel reached its maximum since the past 10 months, while in Kvemo Kartli the highest average price was recorded in November 2017. The lowest average price amounted to GEL 58 ($22) in Imereti and GEL 62 ($24) in Kakheti.

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Imedinews

14 August 2018 14:00