Georgian Wine Chelti at the British Royal Wedding

Royal weddings go down in history not only as the weddings of the year, but also as the weddings of the century. Georgia joined such an important and solemn event on behalf of CHELTI wine and congratulated the royal couple by serving Saperavi of CHELTI.

Wine degustations were carried out for months to select unique wine to be sent to the royal family. Successfully, company CHELTI obtained the right to send Saperavi of Qvevri from vines grown on Georgian soil to be tasted in the British royal family and royal atmosphere. It is noteworthy to mention that CHELTI was the only Georgian wine sent as a gift to the royal family on the special occasion.

This event was crucial to highlight the exquisiteness of Georgian wine among the royal family. Moreover, it is a great privilege not only for the company, but also for the country as a whole.

Wine Company CHELTI was founded in 2001 in village Shilda, Kakheti. The company’s goal was to produce only premium quality products and therefore, began to plant 50 hectares of vineyards which would give the possibility to control the quality of grapes. With advanced equipment, great experience and own vineyards, the company produces premium quality wines according to classical and traditional methods.

By Anna Zhvania

13 August 2018 18:48