New Cruise Ship Launches Off Batumi Coast

The Adjara Tour travel agency has launched a new offering for visitors to Georgia’s Black Sea coast. A cruise ship called, inventively, Batumi Ship, is being advertised as providing “high-quality cruise services” on short trips offshore.  

A ride on Batumi Ship costs 200 GEL ($78) for four hours on the water. The ship has a capacity of 250 passengers, and travels from Batumi along Green Cape (Mtsvane Konstkhi) offering a “pleasant environment and entertainment opportunities,” according to Caucasus Business Week. The ship sets sail from the Batumi Seaport between 4-5 pm and returns between 8-9 pm – the company does not offer a more specific timetable.

Batumi Ship is the only vessel in Batumi with its own dance club and restaurant aboard. Levan Kobiashvili, founder and president of the Georgian Culinary Federation cooks for the Georgian restaurant onboard. Popular Georgian musician Kakhaber Tsiskaridze manages the musical entertainment on the ship. It is also possible to rent out Batumi Ship for private events.

“The ship team is ready to discuss the preferences of our clients in terms of services. We work daily to developing a wide range of services,” representatives of Adjara Boat told Caucasus Business Week.

Batumi Ship has so far proved popular with both foreign and domestic visitors to the resort town.


By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Adjara Tour

13 August 2018 18:07