The 2018 World Digital Mining Summit

Cryptocurrency is in a constant state of flux, and a cryptocurrency mining summit will be taking place in Tbilisi in September in order to tackle these issues. If you're a crypto miner, then you cannot miss the event.

Miners have been awaiting the cryptocurrency mining summit, which will take place from the 21 - 23 September.

This cryptocurrency mining summit will be attracting miners from all over the globe, joined by nations such as Vietnam, Japan, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, China and many more.

China’s bitcoin miners have taken a massive lead in the mining industry within the past years; however, it is facing competition from many other parts of the world. As the competition for market share of crypto mining is growing. The organizers say that"joining the summit is top priority for anyone who’s looking to stay ahead in the constantly changing crypto industry."

The 2018 World Digital Mining Summit will be a jointly hosted in Tbilisi by Bitkan and Bitmain, and will showcase talks from numerous top crypto experts. The event is expected to attract up to 100 experts from the crypto mining industry, more than 30 nations, and it is expected that more than 1000 people will visit the event. The summit will include senior crypto miners, hardware manufacturers, hashpower owners and even mining pools.

The list of handpicked speakers set to appear at the summit is as follows:

• Roger Ver, CEO
• Jason Zhuang, Head of
• Lingchao Xu, Head of AntPool
• Yuan Zhang, co-founder
• Olsen Su, Vice President of Bitmain & Head of Global Mining Farm, Bitmain
• Marco Streng, Genesis Mining CEO and co-founder
• Sean Walsh, HyperBlock CEO
• Batyr Hydyrov, Uminers CEO and Founder
• Dmitry Ozersky, Electro.Farm Managing Partner

As the face of crypto mining is constantly evolving, if you are an industry insider, visiting this cryptocurrency mining summit in Georgia could well help you to tackle the on-going issues of the industry and to keep one step ahead of the game, or if you are interested in starting, this will be the best opportunity to learn everything you can about the world of cryptocurrency mining.

By Shawn Wayne

13 August 2018 10:03