Historic Home on Shalva Dadiani St. Rehabilitated

The Tbilisi Development Fund has completed rehabilitation works in the Mtatsminda district, at 34 Shalva Dadiani St., just off Freedom Square. The historic street has several buildings in dire need of renovations inside and out, and City Hall has slowly been working to save some of Tbilisi’s signature architecture and charm.

Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of Tbilisi, visited the finished product yesterday. The building was built in the middle of the 19th century and is a unique example of regional architecture. It presents a classic Old Tbilisi balcony, its special charm accented as the balcony curves around the corner of the building. The rounded wooden façade is decorated with sculptural details characteristic of historic Tbilisi homes.

Speaking yesterday, Mayor Kaladze said that most of the districts of Old Tbilisi will be rehabilitated over the next four years.

“A very important project has been implemented at the crossroads of Dadiani and Asatiani streets. This building is known as ‘luraivaniani’ (blue balcony) house, and is classified as a historical monument. I am very glad that complete rehabilitation of the building premises took place. In depth research was conducted to maintain the original façade of the building, which is historically recognized. Such buildings and monuments are the wealth of our city and need attention and care. We are working on many interesting projects. We want to completely rehabilitate Leselidze Street [officially Kote Apkhazi Street]. We are also working on the full rehabilitation of Asatiani Street, for which project plans are being prepared,” said Kaladze.

The Mayor of Tbilisi thanked the Georgian National Committee of International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) for their cooperation.

Within the framework of the project, the building’s foundation was reinforced, internal and external engineering structures were replaced, the ground floor was repaired, and the basement wall shared by neighboring N32 Dadiani was restored to its original condition. Roof damage was repaired and bathroom facilities were restored. Damaged pieces of wood were replaced with new, similar materials; the courtyard was improved and some internal repairs were also made.

Rehabilitation works on the building began in spring 2016, within the framework of the project "New Tiflis," a rehabilitation program for historical-cultural monuments and other significant buildings in accordance with Georgian legislation on historical-cultural heritage preservation.

The rehabilitation of 34 Shalva Dadiani St. cost 1,341,000 GEL ($538,554). Living conditions for the five residents of the historic building have markedly improved and the value of their real estate has increased.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Tbilisi City Hall

10 August 2018 13:47