Bassiani Resident DJ Performance in Moscow Cancelled

UPDATE: Plans to send Bassiani resident DJs to perform in Moscow at the Red Bull Music Event was cancelled today in an official post on Facebook by Bassiani. The reason, as the post describes, was due to the public's protest. 

"We had a sincere desire to take part in the music festival in Moscow, however there were mixed reactions from our loyal supporters, friends and community. We fully understand the concerns expressed by the fellow citizens towards the club's decision. We understand that this night was the hardest time for Georgia's history at the 10th anniversary of the August war, which obviously exacerbated the heart of the citizens. Taking a genuine public protest, our team has decided to abolish the event, which has become an instrument of negligence and confrontation", writes Bassiani in an official post on Facebook. 

On September 15, resident DJs of club Bassiani were to perform at the Red Bull Music Festival in Moscow, according to information spread on the festival organizers official facebook page.

DJs performing before the Moscow crowd will include club Bassiani resident DJs Zesknel (Zuka Babunashvili), Mercurrio (Dito Chikovani) and Kvanchi (Tornike Kvanchiani). reports that Georgian artist, Zurkin, and club Bassiani founder, Zviad Gelbakhiani, will also travel to Moscow.

Imedinews has reported that the artists will travel to Moscow with one the founders, Erol Gelbakhiani, to revive the Tbilisi techno-scene and “freedom-loving atmosphere”.

According to the Georgian artists, the organization of the event will be separate from Moscow’s policy and the festival will not, in any way, incorporate the current political situation. The official facebook announcement also highlights the developments of May events in Tbilisi, stating that May 12-13 was the main inspiration for the event.

The information was followed by discontent and controversy among the Georgian public on social networks. Georgian facebook users mentioned mixed feelings and stated that the plan for Georgian resident DJs to perform in Moscow is unacceptable as it is an occupant country. The outrage was more so driven by the fact that the announcement was made on the 10th anniversary of the August 2008 War with Russia.

By Anna Zhvania


Photo: Facebook

10 August 2018 13:33