The Noble Partner Exercise Simulation

The United States, United Kingdom and Ukraine carried out joint drills with Georgian troops on 9 August, within what is called the Noble Partner defense exercise.

The Noble Partner exercise launched on Vaziani Training Area and Camp Norio on 1 August, involving over 3,000 troops in command and field drills, both staff-level and field exercises. The drills consist of live fire training, maneuvering and combat support in defensive and offensive situations. The drills also feature military personnel from Germany, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Training fields have been set up for multinational training on 9 August, involving a total of 13 NATO members and allied nations.

A simulation involving Georgian troops clearing a complex of buildings from enemy troops and providing medical evacuation for any possible "injured" personnel was the main focus of the drill that took place.

After Georgian troops were deployed by helicopter, they assaulted the compound with supporting fire from Ukrainian forces; the helicopter used was a Black Hawk American model. Evacuation of the “injured” was done using a Didgori armored vehicle and a UH-H1 Iroquois helicopter. The simulation was a success with no actual injuries occurring.

By Shawn Wayne


10 August 2018 12:18