Georgian Public Defender: Definition “Family Head” Should Be Changed

The Public Defender of Georgia Nino Lomjaria has addressed the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, with the proposal to change the definition in legislative acts “Family Head” with a more neutral term.

Lomjaria believes that the word “Family Head” promotes stereotypical beliefs that a woman is the secondary member of the family.

She says even though the above acts do not directly specify who is or should be the head of the family, a man has been traditionally considered as the "head of the family” as a decision-maker due to his gender, for centuries. 

According to the Public Defender, the use of this term means the woman cannot equally earn money or make decisions, which, in turn, encourages negative views about sex.

The general proposal also indicates that the legislation, which is a live organism and must constantly aspire to the ideals of a democratic society, such as the establishment of equality and a society free of stereotypes, plays a significant role in the relations between the state and the community.

Lomjaria notes that the main characteristic of the family, as the main cell of the community, is equality and equal participation of persons in the household activities, while the term used at the legislative level contradicts the principle of equality and implies the dominance of one of the persons. 

By Thea Morrison


10 August 2018 12:02