German Olympiad Winners in Rustavi for the 'Future of the South Caucasus'

On July 21-29, the Rustavi International Scout camp hosted the summer school ‘Workshop of the Future of the South Caucasus,’ attended by winning students of the German National Olympiad from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

The Goethe Institute of Georgia organized the International Summer Camp which was led by theater professionals from Germany, Isabel Schwenk and Felix Worpenberg, who work in the field of pedagogy and theater arts in Berlin and Leipzig. Schwenk worked at the German Eurasian Theater in the framework of the project "EGOTRIP" with young people, prior to which she collaborated with the Freiburg Theater and the Theater of Landesbühne Nord. Vorpenberg is known for performances at Berlin HAU, Bremen's Shvankhale and Basel Theater Days. 

During the camp in Rustavi, the successful students of the 5th, 6thand 7th grades discussed the future prospects of the Berlin and Leipzig theater and the role of the future generation in the process of the democratic development of Georgia on its European way. They also worked on innovative and creative ideas of an individual perspective, considering such essential and important topics as "What specialty do I want to take on after graduating school?”, "How can we guarantee more political engagement and fair process?" "How to find the balance between economic progress and sustainable development?’ The aim was to stimulate the creativity of the region and create a network of companions for the future.

The international project of the Goethe Institute of Georgia Workshop of the Future of the South Caucasus, which is funded by Arvato Bertelsmann, was held in support of the most talented and best-trained South Caucasian students who study the German language.

By Anna Zhvania

09 August 2018 14:16