Georgian, Luxembourg, Lithuanian Coproduction Inga In Preproduction

Local Directors Dato Abramishvili and Giorgi Gogichaishvili are currently in the preproduction stage of their debut feature film Inga, a coproduction between Georgia, Luxembourg and Lithuania, which is set for shooting in September this year.

The main characters are portrayed by Ani Bebia and Zura Gabunia. The story, scripted by Mariam Bekauri and Zaza Koshkadze, follows a girl named Inga, who has just turned 18, resulting in the law forcing her to leave the orphanage n which she grew up. She has no idea how to live outside by herself and cannot risk her life being independent in society, so she marries an autistic man from a male-dominated family whom she sees for the first time on their wedding day.

The film is produced by the Georgian companies Sibler Films and Natura Film (a member of the newly established Georgian Film Cluster) in coproduction with Paul Thiltges Distributions from Luxembourg and Filmai LT from Lithuania. Supported by the German development agency GIZ and EU’s EU4Business Initiative, the organization aims at promotion and uniting the voices of Georgian film industry.

By Shawn Wayne


07 August 2018 15:38