Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Association Even More Attractive

Since the Azerbaijan Women Entrepreneurs Association was created in October 2017, the association, supported by the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, has grown and attracted more women.

The chairperson of the board, Sakina Babayeva, estimates that more than 143,000 women are engaged in entrepreneurial activity across the country. According to her, “it will definitely increase”.

She believes that this boom is related to the last economic reforms carried out in the country. Currently, Azerbaijan is opening-up regarding women. And while they are still involved in agriculture, more and more women work in health and education fields.

Furthermore, Babayeva strongly believes that using the business sense and intellectual abilities of women will definitely help the SMEs. She noted she  expects that in the coming years, the association will play a key role in reducing the rate of poverty facing women.

By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: abc-Babayeva


07 August 2018 13:06