Memorandum Signed between AS Georgia and TBC Bank

A partnership memorandum was signed between “AS Georgia” and TBC Bank, the daughter company of the international development holding “AS Group Investment”, regarding the “DIRSI” project. Based on the memorandum, new conditions will make newly-built apartment complexes in Transcaucasia more accessible.

In the frames of the joint project, consumers will have the ability to purchase an apartment in a completed “DIRSI” complex through TBC Bank’s mortgage rates and take advantage of accessible conditions, which include co-financing of just 15%, a long-term payment plan, and a preferential interest rate.

Several other advantageous offerings were facilitated by “AS Group Investment” for people looking into purchasing “DIRSI” flats in finished apartment complexes:

· A fixed currency exchange rate of 1 USD = 2.0 GEL

· A gifted Nissan Sunny automobile to the consumer who purchases a 3-room flat by the end of July 2015.

· Additionally, the price for 1 square meter in apartment complex “DIRSI” will start from $900.

The international holding “AS Group Investment” has been successfully implementing government and private sector projects for a long time in both Georgia and Azerbaijan. This comes as a result of effective management, contemporary technical and production bases and systematically updated technologies, making “AS Group Investment” a trustworthy business partner in many countries around the globe. A multitude of contracts signed with leading brands of the construction sector are a testament to that.

23 May 2015 13:41