Assassination Attempt of Venezuelan President

On August 4, an attack by drones laden with bombs tried to murder Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro.

The president was commemorating the 81th anniversary of the country’s National Guard in Caracas, the nation’s capital. While he was speaking to the audience, a bang could be heard, before the camera suddenly switched on soldiers in the streets. The Minister for Communications and Information confirmed the murder attempt. Maduro was not injured but seven National Guard soldiers were wounded.

Who is responsible for the attempt? Some said that is was just a gas tank explosion inside a flat, Reuters reports that a little-known group called the ‘National Movements of Soldiers in T-shirts” was behind the attack; while Maduro accused the Colombian government of having ordered the attack.


By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: Venezuelan government TV/via Reuters

06 August 2018 15:34