Spanish Police Detain Georgian "Thieves-in-law"

Spanish law enforcers arrested 3 members of the criminal group during a special operation in Marbella (Málaga) on August 5.

Of the detained, two are Georgian so called "thieves-in-law."

The official website of the Spanish National Police reads that the detained were trying to restore the criminal gang, 129 members of which, including seven ‘thieves-in-law’, were arrested in early July.

“The three men were arrested when they held a meeting to, presumably, plan the murder of an important member of a rival clan and demonstrate the strength of the organization in Europe,” the police reports, adding one of the three detained is considered as an influential member of the Russian mafia.

All of them have been imprisoned as perpetrators of attempted homicide, falsification of documents and membership of a criminal organization.

By Thea Morrison                              

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06 August 2018 10:07