Washington Post Writes about Georgian Adjika

The Washington Post has dedicated an article to Georgia’s spicy condiment adjika, saying it brings fire to the table called Supra in the small country, not state, of Georgia.

“Unfortunately, unless you travel to Georgia — specifically Abkhazia (itself a subject of dispute) and Samegrelo, in the west — you’ll probably not taste adjika in its truest form,” the article reads.

The author of the article says that thanks to the increased popularity of Georgian cuisine in America, you can at least taste a hint of this complexity. 

The author notes that at the Georgian restaurant in Washington - Supra, chef Malkhaz Maisashvili makes three types of the sauce — green, red, and roasted — and serves each with various dishes on the menu. 

“You can even purchase acceptable jars of adjika in nearly any Eastern European market (although purists will tell you otherwise). Adjika is fiery and a tad peculiar, with plenty of garlic and hints of coriander and often unidentifiable spices. No two cooks make adjika the same way, of course, and it ranges from paste to sauce-like in texture. You may even find it in powdered form at spice shops,” the article reads.

Read the full article here.

Information and photo source: Washington Post

04 August 2018 10:00
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