Two French Rappers Fight & Delay flights at Paris Airport

On Wednesday, at Orly airport in Paris, two rappers, Booba, Kaaris, and their clans took part in a mass-brawl which delayed several flights and forced police to close the terminal.   

Videos posted by witnesses shows a dozen of men fighting while travellers flee to get out of their way.

Booba and Kaaris are famous rappers in France, registering over 60 million views per song they release. The two rappers have been enemies for years, fighting via their songs and Twitter. Booba, 41, and Kaaris, 38, were expected to attend concerts in Barcelona in two different nightclubs.

13 people were arrested and both rappers are still in custody. As a result, their concerts in Barcelona were canceled.

“They are 40-year-olds, they have children, and they still behave like children,” says Maxime Lledo, a 19-year-old. For some witnesses, they are “rogues.”


By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: AFP (left: Booba/ Right: Kaaris)


03 August 2018 12:09