Brothers Swept Away In Mtkvari River, 1 Found Dead

Rescuers started a search for two brothers on Thursday 2 August in the Mtkvari River.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon in the area of St. Barbara in Tbilisi where two brothers, 25-year-old Shalva Chagaridze and 20-year-old Georgi Chagaridze disappeared after they entered the river. According to eyewitnesses, they were swept away by the strong current, leaving their friends who were on the river bank unable to help.

The body of one of the brothers was found on Thursday morning, and the search for his brother continues.

The Emergency Management Service of Georgia states that the rapid flow of the river and poor visibility in the water hinder search operations, but rescuers and divers are doing everything possible to find the second brother.

By Shawn Wayne

03 August 2018 11:17
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