Russian Trains to Be Announced in Local Hours

Historically, station clocks, destination boards and train announcements across Russia were in only Moscow time. This custom was introduced during the Soviet era so that passengers didn’t have to change their watches and by this way it was aimed at unifying the territory, which actually crosses 11 time zones.

It meant that if you were in the Kamchatka Krai train station (Far East), waiting for the train scheduled at 8 pm (local hour), the train would still be announced at 11 am (Moscow hour).

But it was confusing for passengers who were not familiar with the custom; in particular tourists. It also meant confusion and passengers buying wrong tickets as they were mistaken with train times.

But since August, 1, Russia has faced a small revolution, with train schedules being switched from Moscow hours to local. There is no doubt that it will make life easier for tourists.

By Antoine Dewaest

Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP/SIPA

02 August 2018 15:10