397 New Cases of HIV/AIDS Revealed in Georgia in 2018

The data of 30 June, reads that there are 397 new cases of HIV / AIDS in Georgia.

The information was released by the Infectious Pathology and AIDS Center, which says that in the same period last year, 359 new cases were revealed. This means the number of new cases, or reporting thereof, has increased in 2018.

The Center reports that as of June 30, 4365 patients with HIV/AIDS are being treated in Georgia, 49 of whom are children.

This year, 80 HIV/AIDS patients have so far died from the infection in Georgia, while last year, the number of deceased patients was 127.

A total of 106 HIV/AIDS infected children have been identified in Georgia so far. 66 of them are boys and 40 are girls.

The Infectious Pathology and AIDS Center says that since 1989, 7159 HIV/AIDS infected persons have been registered in the Center for Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology.

“5355 male and 1804 female patients have been registered since 1989. The majority of patients are from 29-39 years old. AIDS developed in 3782 patients. 1460 patients died from the infection,” the Center noted.

According to the data, up to May 20, 2018, 270 new cases of HIV / AIDS were observed in Georgia. Since May 20, 127 new cases were registered.

By Thea Morrison

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02 August 2018 10:15