57 Georgians Deported from Germany

57 citizens of Georgia were expelled from Germany due to violation of the visa liberalization rules which allows Georgians to stay in the Shengen Zone for 90 days in a 180-day period. They were deported to Georgia by a special flight on August 1.

The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia stated that the citizens of Georgia were returned to their homeland because they had violated the visa-free regime regulations and stayed longer on the territory of Germany than permitted.

According to the deported citizens, they were forced to leave Germany without any explanation. They told media that at 5 am, representatives of the Migration Service came to their homes and told them that they had no right to stay in Germany.

Irma Tsiramua, an observer of the Monitoring Service of Frontex, stated that among the deported were persons who had come to Germany for medical purposes. However, she added that this does not give Georgians the right to request asylum.

The deportation of Georgians from Germany and other EU countries is usually carried out once a month by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, German Federal Police and European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex.

As reported earlier, Germany will include Georgia on its list of safe countries, which means that Georgians will no longer have the right to seek asylum there.

After the approval of the German Interior and the federal government, the changes need to be voted on by German lawmakers to take effect.

Official Tbilisi welcomed Germany’s steps, saying the proposal to put Georgia on the safe country list means recognition of the reforms carried out in the country.

Austria, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Island, Israel and Luxemburg have already recognized Georgia as a safe country.

By Thea Morrison

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