Taxi Driver Under Investigation For Rape

A taxi driver from Tbilisi raped and assaulted a female passenger on July 30.

According to the investigation, a young girl stopped a taxi to go to Gldani. On the way, the driver allegedly offered the girl a beer, which she accepted. Before reaching the destination given, the driver allegedly pulled over and proceeded to physically assault and rape her. The taxi driver took all of her personal belongings, including her phone, and left her in the street.

After recovering enough to walk, the young woman found a gas station where she asked for help, she was then taken to a clinic. The woman gave the police information on the taxi driver who was later arrested and detained. It was reported that the 37-year-old man has been convicted in the past for violent behavior.

The investigation is ongoing. If convicted, the man faces between 6 to 8 years imprisonment for assault, rape and mugging.

By Shawn Wayne

01 August 2018 11:55