Second Edition of MARKET.TLV Coming to Fabrika

On September 22-23, MARKET.TLV will host Georgian and foreign participants for its second edition at Fabrika.

MARKET.TLV enables participants to introduce products not only to guests, but also to Georgian and foreign designers, photographers, event organizers and other interested parties who are in related fields. Whether you are a designer, illustrator, florist or an entrepreneur, don’t miss your chance to exhibit during the second wave of MARKET.TLV.

MARKET.TLV is one of the largest fairs in Tel-Aviv for artists, designers, photographers, startups and guests. The fair allows young producers with exciting and interesting products, who mainly use online distribution tools, to meet customers in real space and time. MARKET.TLV actively works to increase awareness of its participants and contributes greatly to their success.

For detailed information on participation, visit the Facebook event: MARKET.TLV at Fabrika

By Anna Zhvania

31 July 2018 14:17