Environmental Agency Explains Tbilisi Smog

Georgia’s National Environmental Agency has issued an explanation for the smog hovering over Tbilisi today, saying it is not dangerous.

According to the NEA, in most parts of eastern Georgia, including in the southern regions of the country, dust masses have spread. The statement reads that it is caused by the interaction of hot air masses from the south and the relative cool air masses in the north of Transcaucasia.

The head of the Short-Term Forecast Division of the National Environmental Agency, Dodo Gvazava, explained that smog is produced in large cities from the emissions of factories and other kinds of exhaust, but in Tbilisi today the smog was formed by hot air masses spread from the south.

“The smog in Tbilisi is not dangerous to people's health. It is just hot air masses,” she insisted.

A lot of Tbilisi residents have taken to Facebook today, posting photos of the smog and various explanations for the cause of it.


By Thea Morrison

Photo source: metra.ge

27 July 2018 15:45