Georgia among 6 Most Exciting & Lesser-Known Wine Destinations has named Georgia among the 6 most exciting and lesser-known wine destinations, according to an article published on June 9.

Among the 6 named countries, Georgia takes fourth place with its “unique, sophisticated, and expressive quality” of wine. As the article stays, “Cultivated vineyards existed in Georgia during the neolithic period and, incredibly, the methods used back then are still used and revered today - fermenting grapes in clay jars known as Qvevri. An impressive range of indigenous varieties have survived, along with these traditional methods…” The article mentions Levanto apartments as the highest rated property on in Tbilisi, located on Freedom Square.

Qvevri wine-making is practiced throughout Georgia and has been given the status of a cultural heritage by UNESCO.  

The other 6 destinations include Canada, Romania, Croatia, Tasmania and Texas.

By Anna Zhvania

Source: 6 Exciting and Lesser-Known Wine Destinations


27 July 2018 11:10