Noble Partner 2018 Personnel and Equipment Arrive in Georgia

Georgian Armed Forces and US Army Europe cooperatively-led exercise Noble Partner 2018 personnel and equipment have already arrived in Georgia.

The information was released by Georgia’s Ministry of Defense (MOD), which says that US armored vehicles “Stryker”, armored vehicles “Bradley”, M1A2 Abrams tanks and other military equipment have been already unloaded in Poti Port, West Georgia.

US military equipment were loaded in Port of ConstanÈ›a, Romania and launched for Georgia via the Black Sea on July 22. 

Military personnel of II Cavalry Regiment have also arrived to Tbilisi International Airport. The part of US soldiers will arrive to Georgia by July 31.

The multinational exercise will officially be opened in Vaziani military airfield on August 1.  The exercise is intended to support and enhance the readiness and interoperability of Georgia, the US and participating nations during a multinational training operation. 

The exercise provides leaders at all levels the opportunity to exercise their staffs in command and control; and execution of combined planning for complex joint operations. 

This year the drills will involve 1300 Georgians and 1170 US soldiers, as well as 500 soldiers from 13 other countries:  Georgia, USA, UK, Germany, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Georgian MOD reports that the goal of the multinational military exercise “Noble Partner 2018” is to improve skills in stability, defensive and offensive operations, increase interoperability between the armed forces of participating countries and contribute to security of the Black Sea region. The motto of the military exercise is “Strength is in Partnership”.

The scenario of the exercise includes command post exercise, live-fire exercises at field and counteraction of maneuver and combat support elements in defensive and offensive operations.

By Thea Morrison

Photo source: MOD

27 July 2018 09:11