Film Director Mariam Khatchvani among Localrno Filmmakers Academy Talent

Award-winning filmmaker Mariam Khatchvai has been selected among acclaimed young directors for this year’s Locarno Filmmakers Academy, a platform for developing problems and distribution skills.

The Georgian filmmaker is among the six creatives joining the academy through the Cinefoundation residency program of the Cannes Film Festival, to make up the ultimate group of 40 professionals for the Locarno Event.

Khatchvani was picked for the academy for her latest feature “NENE,” centered around the subject of the arbitrary use of power by law enforcement agencies and their use of force against citizens.

While in the Academy, Khatchvani will develop the script for the film and learn French in Paris.

In parallel, the Locarno Festival will screen Khatchvani’s award-winning 2016 short “Dinola” in its Academy Screenings Program on August 3.

This year’s festival is scheduled to run between August 1-11.

By Mariam Kukhilava

25 July 2018 13:32