Greece Wildfires- 50 dead, 150 injured

At least 50 people have been killed and more than 150 injured after devastating wildfires ravaged holiday hotspots in Greece.

Hundreds of tourists have been evacuated from beaches while three women and a child drowned in the sea while trying to escape flames rampaging through woodland around the Athens region.

The body of a six-month- old baby was pulled from the sea near the resort of Mati, which is the centre of the disaster, where 26 people were found dead in the yard of a villa.

Police said they found two Danish tourists in a boat off the coast from Rafina. Another eight people from the group are still missing.

Almost every house is burned in Mati. The situation is so difficult that the members of the Red Cross expect the number of victims to increase.

One Georgian citizen is missing and three were brought out of the forest late at night.  The Georgian Embassy is working in emergency mode and the search is on for the missing citizen.

According to the Georgian Ambassador in Greece Ioseb Nanobashvili, no information about casualties or hospitalization has been reported.

“We are searching for one woman with whom the family cannot get in touch. Three emergency calls were received and three of them who made the calls are out of the fire zone now,” the Georgian Ambassador said.

By Mariam Kukhilava

24 July 2018 13:29