New Rumors Allege Lora Smith Was Drowned

Following the recently released information in Georgian media that the US citizen Lora Smith was allegedly raped after the killer murdered her husband Ryan and their 4-year-old son Caleb, Kvirispalitra reports the woman was allegedly drowned by the killer and she did not fall in the ravine in Khada Gorge as was previously stated.

Kvirispalitra added that 19-year-old shepherd Malkhaz Kobauri, who was detained on murder charges, changed his testimony a second time and confessed he killed the husband and child, then raped Lora.

The Kvirispalitra article reads that they have a source who claims that the forensic examination of the woman revealed she was raped and then drowned, with the cause of the death asphyxia.

In addition, Kvirispalitra reports that after the woman was drowned, Kobauri took photos of her using his mobile.

The husband and wife were citizens of the US but had dual citizenship with Georgia, received in 2012. They had lived in the town of Marneuli for seven years and were well respected members of the local and expat community.

During the initial questioning, Malkhaz Kobauri said it was he who killed the Smiths, but later changed his testimony and declared at the trial that he was innocent.

Kvirispalitra says he was questioned again on July 20 within the presence of his lawyer Davit Girgvliani and he pleaded guilty.

On July 22, the lawyer took to Facebook to inform society that he will no longer be defending the suspect.

“This case should be continued without my participation. I wish success to my colleague or colleagues who will continue to protect him [Kobauri], since all people have the right to be defended regardless of the crime they committed,” the statement of the lawyer reads.

No official comments have been made as yet over the case and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet confirmed any of the rumors spread this weekend.

As reported, the complex examination will be concluded in a month and the results will be made public only afterwards.

More information to follow.

By Thea Morrison

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22 July 2018 23:44