Georgia is being used - Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated in an interview with Rustavi-2, that the west, mainly the US, may use Tbilisi as a means to tighten anti-Russian sanctions and have no actual concern for Georgia.

"There are powerful political forces in the West seeking that anti-Russian sanctions stay in place and be tightened, however, their motives have nothing to do with care for Georgia. Only naive people can think otherwise," Zakharova said.

"If Georgia starts being mentioned as a motive for sanctions, it will be a good reason for the Georgian people to think - can it be so that their country is used in somebody else’s geopolitical game? Actually, it is hard to escape this conclusion," the diplomat stated.

According to Zakharova, Georgia has already turned into a just another element of the Western strategy of deterring Russia. She reiterated that recently, one of the State Department officials publicly stated that the US would be arming Georgia to counter Russia.

"Georgian politicians should remember that serving foreign geopolitical interests instead of national ones is a thankless and honor-less task," Zakharova stated.

The interview took place on July 19.

By Shawn Wayne

20 July 2018 12:33