Pharmacies selling psychotropic drugs illegally

According to the State Security Service (SSS), facts of illicit sales of psychotropic drugs in 15 drug stores in Tbilisi and Gori have been revealed.
“Operative-investigative activities were conducted during the last few months in order to reveal the illegal sale of drugs. The employees of the State Security Service Anti-Corruption Agency purchased different types of psychotropic drugs without prescription in Tbilisi and Gori as evidence that the pharmacies are selling drugs illegally,” a statement said.
The employees of the SSS conducted searches in Tbilisi and Gori in the following pharmacies: Endzela, Nali, Pharma 2016, Pharmaguide+, Pharma, Datucha, Multi-VSL, San Pharma, Ninpharm, Imedi+, Nanpharm, Pharma 27, Nati+, Polisipharm, and Imedi.
“The investigation will continue in order to reveal all those people who protect and contribute to the illegal distribution of psychotropic drugs in the country,“ the SSS stated.

By Mariam Kukhilava

19 July 2018 21:09