Protests in Tkibuli

In a protest in Tkibuli center, Saknakhshiri employees met Tkibuli Majoritarian MP Elguja Gotsiridze. According to participants, the action is being held in the open air to ensure maximum involvement.
They ask the Majoritarian MP to change the Saknakhshiri administration and the immediate resignation of the head of the Mindeli mine shaft, Akaki Akhvlediani.
They are also demanding a formal confirmation of the Prime Minister’s promises and the guarantee of labor remuneration seeing as the mine has been shut following two accidents this year in which miners lost their lives.
“If they are not going to resign, the people will do what is to be done,” one protester threatened. “The Prime Minister and the head of the Prosecutor’s Office have changed and our administration is not going to resign? We demand a meeting with Prime Minister in order to guarantee he is listening to us!”
Trade union members have also joined the protest and say that the current administration is unreliable.
The residents of Tkibuli state that the shaft should not be closed because it will cause unemployment.

By Mariam Kukhilava

19 July 2018 21:08