Wine & Art Evening at the King Gorgasali Hotel

On July 18, the King Gorgasali Hotel (3 Gorgasali Street) hosted a Wine and Art Evening. “What’s that?” you may ask. It was an entire evening spent on the new hotel terrace surrounded by music and Georgian local products. There is no doubt that is was a recipe for success, with all five senses pampered and dozens of guests spellbound.

Guests were welcomed by a saxophone performance: a timeless and emotional music punctuated by shivers, in which sighs and notes enveloped you. Later in the evening, as the sky darkened, and dancing shadows released a Tango performance under the spotlights.

The new King Gorgasali Hotel is a modern building which offers intimate and cozy corners. A tiled floor of black and white checkerboard matched the colors of the outdoor sofas. From it, you can enjoy the view over the Narikala Fortress, even more special when darkness falls.

Spread around that wonderful terrace, stands awaited guests, proffering a full range of produce to enjoy: Georgian wine, honey, whisky and cheese, among other culinary delights.

One of the stands was held by Giorgi Gomelauri, a honey-lover working for the Georgian company Royal Honey. Having accumulated a vast knowledge of tree honey, he readily gave some explanations about the virtues of such a product. His honey is 100% natural and is produced in eastern Georgia in the region of Kakheti. “Honey, and ours in particular, is healthy. Even if we start out as a local business, we plan to grow. Right now, you can find our products in Carrefour, for instance,” he said.

A few steps away, a lady gave us the chance to experience the Mildiani Georgian wine, of complex and nuanced flavor profiles. She also knew her stuff incredibly well, talking about the traditional methods they use, and deservedly proud of their fruity Saperavi Rosé. For tourists from wine-producing countries, the semi-sweet wine may be surprising and not what their taste buds are used to as it contains no added sugar, only the sugar the sun gives to the grapes.

For those who love wine as they love life, Daria Kholodina was there to present her new book “A guide to the cradle of wine,” a comfortable way to discover the country in a glass of wine.

Irine Lortkipanidze runs the Honey and Irinola Company, a historical continuation of the family traditions and the oldest Georgian field of beekeeping. She sells traditional and natural flower honey in Georgian pottery, because scientific studies have revealed that honey was first found in ceramic pots.

Guests enjoyed the night hosted at the exquisite new addition to the Tbilisi hospitality market. Sitting snuggled on the outdoor sofa sets, guests were able to chat over glasses of red wine under the stars. The beginning of a beautiful new hotel story.

By Antoine Dewaest

19 July 2018 19:30