‘10 Georgian Wines You Must Try Before You Die’ Exhibition on Meidan

On 13 and 14 July, people gathered on ‘Meidan’ for the ‘10 Georgian Wines You Must Try Before You Die’ exhibition where specifically designed collections/tourist/gift wines were unveiled. Wine lovers, locals and tourists united for the event, including those who already know each type of grape and its history; those who travel for the love of wine; those who are aware of each specific aroma, telling the story of the country’s history, culture and ethnography.

Visitors had the opportunity to taste 10 selected wines, pick their favorite and purchase wine at special prices during the festival. A variety of cheese could be tasted along with the wine, and hand-made items were exhibited for sale during the event.

Nikola, Moscow: “I am from Moscow and visited Georgia for the first time. You cannot imagine how excited I am to attend the event. I liked ‘Kvanchkara’, while my wife preferred ‘Akhasheni’. During Soviet times, when I was a student, all types of wine were unique. I hadn't been able to find such a taste since. Tasting these wines made me remember my time as a student – the true Georgian taste of wine. How can you leave the country without trying the wine?”

Maria, The Netherlands: “I tasted several different wines and can tell you that my favorite was ‘Kindzmarauli’. I'd heard how great Georgian wine was and now I believe it! I'm heading home tomorrow and will take several bottles with me. This will be the perfect gift for my friends.”

Dmitri, Moscow: “When I decided to visit Georgia, my friends said I should taste the Georgian wine. I really liked ‘Tsinandali’. I go to Georgian restaurants often in Moscow and drink Georgian wine. It seems that the names are the same – ‘Saperavi’, ‘Mukuzani’ … but the taste is truly different.

Irina Martsinskaia, Saint-Petersburg: “My favorite was ‘Kvanchkara’. The only thing I knew about this wine was that it was Stalin’s favorite. If I’m being honest, I also fell in love with the wine. You can rarely find Georgian wines in Saint-Petersburg. I will definitely buy some.”

Igor, Minsk: “All the wines are amazing, but ‘Tvishi’ is without doubt one of the best. Georgia is an incredible country, with an amazing culture, tradition and wine: truly the homeland of wine”.

Olga, Krasnodar: “Georgian wine is only known as ‘Kvanchkara’ and ‘Kindzmarauli’ back home. In this ecological environment, wine produced by ancient traditions has a distinct taste. Georgian wine made our Tbilisi holiday special.”

Sergei, Ukraine: “I am so relaxed here – the nature, the people, the hospitality and the wine. There is nothing more I could wish for. In my opinion, ‘Kindzmarauli’ and ‘Tvishi’ are the best.”  

The project ‘10 Georgian Wines You Must Try Before You Die’ is organized by Palitra Media Holding and allwine.ge. The goal is to popularize Georgian wine and make selected Georgian wine more accessible, especially to foreigners – giving them the opportunity to discover and understand that Georgia is truly the homeland of wine.

The project was launched on October 15, 2017 at the Georgian Wine Festival on ‘Meidan’, where the first “blind” degustation was held. The voting process lasted four months. Interest was high and led to a massive two-day blind tasting event. Wine experts (four Georgian and one French) chose 10 of the finest wine companies during the blind tasting. The bottles are divided evenly into two packages. Visitors at the exhibition were given the opportunity to buy these packaged wines on July 13 and 14.

Anano Tavkhelidze, Project Manager: “We are happy that the public has always felt great interest towards this project. They were actively involved in the voting process in digital and print media, as well as at the blind tasting at festivals and public gatherings. The project is unique as it creates a precedence to make wine consumption global, interlink Georgian wine companies and consumers and give access to customers to buy various company products in one package, selected by wine experts.

"Our team worked for several months to create the unique design and interior composition. We created an exclusive hologram that we placed on selected wines. We visited different regions of Georgia and met many interesting people to gather information and use it in our brochures. It was a long, remarkable and hard-working process. We talked to elderly winemakers, farmers and owners of cellars, for whom the recipe of their ancestors is priceless and who do not betray the ancient recipes. We gathered information less known to the public. As a result, the stories we collected, the photographs and the information gathered about wine were printed on our brochures, which made it extra interesting. Each bottle of wine in the boxes was created within the project with its own special QR code.

"We visited all the wine producers and factories, observed the technology used in wine-making and collected the stories. We gave customers the opportunity to see where each bottle of wine was created, the winemaker, the vineyard where grapes were gathered, the history and other intriguing facts. In my opinion, this allows tourists to learn more about Georgian wine and traditions."

Ani Amiranashvili, ALLWINE.GE Project Manager: “Such projects are very important for promoting wine. Customers can buy ALLWINE.GE products for GEL 149 only at the following degustation points: Tbilisi: Kandelaki N.7, Chavchavadze N.7, Tbilisi International Airport; Batumi: Chavchavadze N.62; Telavi: Bakhtrioni and Saakadze Intersection. If you purchase online through www.allwine.ge, you can take advantage of the exclusive price of GEL 129, and the courrier will deliver to any address. 

"It's an amazing project. I would like to urge everyone to hurry up and buy their favorite wine because the number of boxes is limited”.


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18 July 2018 12:51