‘Borjomi – Active Summer Taste’ Presentation

‘Borjomi’ continues its brand development and responding to the active summer theme, offering more opportunities for active vacations and lifestyles. The Borjomi company selected this concept for its summer communications, which in turn unite a new design, web page and various activities.

The new series of ‘Borjomi’ summer packages is already available on the shelves and the presentation of its active summer concept was held at 'Tbilisi Yacht Club – Restaurant La Cote', located at Tbilisi Sea.

A new website, www.active.borjomi.com, was launched within the project ‘Borjomi – Active Summer Taste.' As mentioned during the presentation, the website is international and multifunctional, operating in several languages, meaning anyone can access information on active vacations and activities. The website platform also provides global and local information for various countries. The goal of the website is to promote active vacation destinations and popularize activities for both tourists and locals.

The Borjomi team was working on the development and implementation of the project for several months. Together with the Georgian National Tourism Administration, information was gathered on captivating locations and active vacation opportunities within the area.  

"The National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia actively works towards the popularization of different regions of Georgia," said Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration. "We have a wonderful project, "Meet Georgia,"  put together with the help of our fellow citizens who gave us information about unknown and remarkable Georgian locations. I welcome the new initiative from Borjomi. We need new prospects for both locals and tourists to guarantee a memorable, active summer in our country."

“We designed the new packaging of ‘Borjomi’ complying with the active summer concept this year, featuring popular and preferred means of entertainment such as bike and scooter riding, picnics and water skiing or sailing – these are exactly the activities that form a new summer season design," said Borjomi Brand Manager, Gvantsa Chlaidze. "The user will be able to select his or her favorite type of activity. Borjomi will recharge their volcanic energy and give them the opportunity to achieve maximum pleasure. Summer is the period of thrilling adventures. Relax like never before with Borjomi. Our new website www.active.borjomi.com will help you plan your active vacation. The platform will be constantly updated and users will have the chance to choose a place to go and what to do there."

The presentation was also attended by celebrities, company partners, loyal customers and media representatives.

"For many years, Borjomi has provided us with interesting news and initiatives. Today, we had a beautiful day and Borjomi showed us how to enjoy and spend hot summer days and assisted us to select locations with the help of its web portal. The name of Borjomi has traveled beyond Georgia and recently, I found out that Borjomi is Sophie Loren’s favorite drink!” said Singer Tsisana Sepiashvili.

For actress Eka Chkheidze, Borjomi has always been associated with special and unique emotions: “Borjomi has offered us a rather action-packed concept. I am also fond of the new can design. I am excited about their initiatives. We had a lot of fun today. We wish everyone a positive summer season”.

"This is a Borjomi active summer. Have fun like never before. Our goal is to help people be more active during the hot summer days, help them discover new places where they can enjoy unusual entertainment.  Summer is a time for discovery, when you can collect ever-lasting memories,” said Nitsa Cholokashvili, Georgian Public Relations Manager, IDS Borjomi.

The new design of Borjomi is already available for sale and the new web page www.active.borjomi.com awaits visitors to recharge them with volcanic energy, discover new places and travel frequently.

The special series of Borjomi is presented in the following formats: aluminum cans 0.33 l., PET bottle with special packing 0.5 and 1 l. and 6 and 12 bottle packages - for those customers who love to have home supplies.


18 July 2018 12:47