New, Green Space for Unforgettable Events - Orbeti Green Space


‘Orbeti Green Space’ is located at 1,400 meters above sea level near Tbilisi, in an ecologically clean, green environment and is designed for events, recreation and relaxation. Initially, only excursions and corporate events were hosted. Since 2018, ‘Orbeti Green Space’ boasts corporate events, excursions, weddings, parties, birthdays, movie screenings and music events. Over the years, ‘Orveti Green Space’ has been perfectly equipped with the inventory and equipment necessary to organize unforgettable and exciting events. The area includes an open and closed space, allowing you to plan events in any weather condition. This year, ‘Orbeti Green Space’ will be available during the winter season, surprising guests with breathtaking nature, panoramic views and fresh air.

Founder of ‘Orbeti Green Space’, Beka Oniani, talks about the services and activities offered by Green Space and its future plans.

When was ‘Orbeti Green Space’ founded and when did a need arise for it?

The idea appeared a few years ago: we decided to give homeless children, who lived in the streets and faced many problems daily, one happy day. We were looking for an ecological, green environment close to Tbilisi. At that time, there was nothing in the territory of Orbeti Green Space. This is exactly what we wanted - fresh air, nature and excitement. We accompanied the children to Orbeti and organized sport and fun activities. The event went so well, the children were so satisfied and happy, that we decided to continue this work (we still keep in touch with these children). Soon, the area was equipped with everything necessary for different games, recreation and relaxation. After some time, we built a closed spaced in order to continue our activities in bad weather also. Since then, we have been hosting excursions, corporate and other events. This year, ‘Orbeti Green Space’ was renovated. Our team has also increased and our services have become more diverse. We have created a beautiful space where any event is possible. Most importantly, this is a place where you can leave the city’s buzz behind you, breathe fresh air, enjoy the breathtaking views and relax. Here, the whole team is focused on visitor happiness and their leaving satisfied … and, of course, wanting to visit again.  

What type of events is Green Space ideal for?

We host birthdays, excursions, corporate events, pre-wedding celebrations and weddings, tent tours, musical evenings, night entertainment, movie screenings in open air and proms. We also have outdoor activities - we go to desired places of customers with our team, program, inventory and host unforgettable events. During the winter period, we have a special program that can be hosted in a closed space - hotel, country house, etc. Until 2018, ‘Orbeti Green Space’ functioned only from May to October, but soon, customers will be able to use our services at any time. 

What age groups are your services provided for?

‘Orbeti Green Space’ services are customized for all age groups. We have entertainment programs for children (from 4-5 years of age) and adults.

What activities are included in the entertainment program?

The program includes sports activities (bubble football, water football, giant barriers, skiing, etc.), logic games and karaoke. Participants are split into teams. Experienced hosts (well-known celebrities) and referees plan and provide the entertainment programs.

What do your guests like the most?

Our main advantage is the ecologically clean, beautiful green environment and high-level of services. There are not a lot of places where you can get rid of the negative emotions accumulated during the week and relax with friends, breathe fresh air, and most importantly, get away from the city noise and rhythm within 36 kilometres. As Tskneti road has been opened, you only need 25 minutes to reach Green Space. As a rule, those who visit us, always return. This is how long-term business and friendly relationships are made. The most valuable benefit is our customer’s satisfaction and love.  

What are your future challenges?

Despite the success that we have already achieved, we will not stop developing. We aim to update our services and make them even more user-friendly. Currently, our goal is to make this season more successful and activate the winter period. In the future, we are planning to add a lounge and a few guest rooms in the ‘Orbeti Green Space’ territory (which is currently being repaired), giving guests the opportunity to stay with us.

By Anna Zhvania

16 July 2018 14:23