2018 GEM Fest Canceled

In a statement released on Facebook, GEM Fest has made the decision to cancel the 2018 edition of the popular electronic music festival.

GEM Fest, or the Georgian Electronic Music Festival, took place on Anaklia Beach for the past three years and ran over the course of 10-30 days. In 2017, GEM Fest run for a whole in August, with big headliners attracting locals and tourists alike. The decision to cancel the festival was made by the organizers on 10 July after facing several obstacles from the government, with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development rejecting the organizer’s application to rent a plot in Anaklia.

While the festival canceled its 2018 edition, organizers spoke of hopes for future projects. Check out the official statement below:

"Today is July 10th and we can't wait any longer. Festival planning needs time and serious preparation. As you know, we still haven't had any response from Ministry of Economy. We applied twice. The first time, in March, they refused us without any explanation or reason. The second time they simply gave us the silent treatment.

Is it fair to treat a project which put Anaklia on the world’s Festival map like this? Let history and society judge. We got what we got: the land where the festival took place will not be hosting us this summer.

Yes, we considered organizing the festival on private property in Anaklia, yet without a beach. We discussed this option with you and agreed not to downgrade the level of the event and decided to refrain from such risk. We keep fighting and the project GEM FEST will stay alive. And not just alive, it will be reborn.

We expected an inadequate reaction from the ex-ministers and we didn't lose time.

In June, we received an offer from the international global blockchain project to support our GEM family and sponsor 4 great upcoming events in January, May, August and October. These events will take place in Georgia and beyond its borders.

This blockchain project will become our trusted partner and future development guarantor. This kind of cooperation is about to take GEM FEST to a new level and make it the first crypto festival ever. We promise you that 2019 will be explosive and we will start right away in the new year. You will receive details and interesting news very shortly."

GEM Fest organizers also stated guests will receive full refund on tickets purchased.

For those who already purchased a ticket, there are three options:

1. Full refund of ticket: Upload a photo of your ticket, indicate the purchase date and provide bank account details to the following address: Refundgemfestticket@gmail.com

2. Attend all 4 events from January to October: Send ticket photo and details to this address: Staycoolwithus@gmail.com

3. Exchange ticket for crypto currency and receive GEL 150 worth of coins in your wallet: You can either transfer, sell or purchase anything at GEM FEST, including tickets, drinks, food and all at event venues. Send the ticket photo and details to the following address and you will receive instructions on how to open the wallet and receive coins: Cryptogemsforfuture@gmail.com

The deadline to make a decision is August 30. Afterwards, GEM Fest will proceed with applications, transfer funds (within one week), exchange tickets and transfer coins.

By Anna Zhvania

12 July 2018 20:57