The Trump Era Linguistic Analysis


The whole world knows that the mainstream American media is a liberal message tool, and conservatives are refusing to take it for granted. Conservative America has decided to move to the ambiance of social media, having taken in stride the conventional means of mass communication like press, radio and television. The vividness of this statement is corroborated by President Trump’s media preferences – the guy tweets! Even in my wildest imagination, I could not have presumed that a leader of the free world would someday talk to his people, his opponents and the rest of the world, only via internet-based computer messages. The amazing thing is that Don has a huge effect on the global process of opinion-shaping. Trump has unleashed an unrelenting war on the cancerous liberal movement all over our ideologically contaminated planet. And he has the clearest possible idea of who he hates, who he loves and why. He is on the offensive and I doubt that he would ever desist. It is his unbridled conservative philosophy, and his mind-boggling openness and juvenile sincerity, that are murdering the senescent and ossified political and economic ways of bygone centuries. No surprise that the liberals of the world are livid and are retaliating vehemently. Their pathological reaction to President Trump’s offbeat style is creating a fierce and filthy linguistic yield.

An analysis of the liberal Trump-trashing lexicon might give us an idea where the political process is headed for in the United States. The American media is literally strewn with nicknames and choice epithets (incidentally, the quotes are given without inverted comas) to describe the American chief executive. In most cases, the wordsmiths of those wrongly descriptive words are the liberals who are still struggling to digest the fact of Trump’s election to the most important office in the world. They have gone far enough to qualify the current American administration as the “Trump regime,” within the framework of which the Supreme Court is turning into a so called “supine court” and Congress is becoming as feckless as it can get. But if you ask me, you can call the American government anything but a regime. This is a disdainful word that the Americans have always used contemptuously against the most detestable governments they have had to deal with. And now the liberals want to direct the poisoned arrow onto their own system of ruling the country. Liberals are thirsty to prove that the functioning American President’s behavioral model is a pure emulation of dictators, and that the Trump era is demonstrating increasingly dangerous trends, having totally lost the sense of checks and balances. They also say that the Trump regime is enjoying absolute control over the executive branch, being wildly hypocritical and deeply venal, having lost the moral compass, stimulating a fascist-style fear-mongering. The liberal press continues that Trump, suckered by tyrants, is insulting the allies on a regular basis, having acquired the style of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

The liberal-minded opposition to Trump maintains that he attacks the law and takes politics a business in the belief that everything is tradable. Liberals unabashedly call the United States President a real estate shyster, a messianic huckster and an innate bigot. Just have a look at the wickedly invented nicknames – only some out of hundreds – and angrily thrown both into social and traditional media with the vicious purpose of stigmatizing Donald Trump as the worst ever leader of the nation: Boss Tweet, Combover Con Artist, Draft Dodger Don, Fascist, the Fraud of Fifth Avenue, Macho, Putin’s Papaya-Flavored Pawn, Vulgarian, White Pride Piper, and so on and so forth . . . What does this unceasing embittered verbal diarrhea mean, so furiously heaved on the President of the United States of America. Where does this delirious venom come from? I think the verbal attack is a last resort for the helplessly angry liberal clique in America who know that this president is not going to give up, and worst of all for them, they have a feeling in their bones and a very bothering thought in their morbid brains that Donald Trump may well end up sitting on the American presidential throne for the second term.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

12 July 2018 20:48